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Below follows our Terms and Conditions:

1. Conditions to add an apartment to justostay.com website:
- If you own an apartment and you want to rent it for short periods, we offer the possibility to announce it in our web page (www.justostay.com)
- Through our website you can get reservations from people interested in visiting your city for short stays, for tourism, working or studying reasons.
- We do not ask exclusivity, you are free to work with other agencies.
- You must rent your property at least for the following 6 months of advertising with us, notice prior to termination should bookings & deposits have already been received.
- Apart from these conditions, working with justostay is free of charge for the owner. Our commission will be always added to the price that you establish for your apartment.

2. Services/Rental Deposit:
We do have 2 kinds of services (depending on the city where you property is located):
Simple management and full management.

       - Simple management:
We request 20% of the rental price.
This is received directly by JUSTOSTAY and will cover our commission plus associated promotional costs, the management of all enquiries, clients, and reservations. The other 80% are paid in cash upon arrival directly to owner. In this scenario, the owner is responsible for the check-in and out, and cleaning.

Thereafter, all contacts must be made directly between the owner and the guest (who receives the same information), except in case of cancellation, which can be done just.

       – Full management:
We request 30% of the rental price.
This is received directly by JUSTOSTAY and will cover cleaning supervisor and check in and out service. JUSTOSTAY offers personalized solutions and a complete range of services all offered by our dedicated professionals, including: advertising, housekeeping and maintenance of your apartment.

We meet & greet guests on their arrival, are available 24/7 for any queries/issues they may have. We provide emergency numbers, recommendations for restaurants, information literature on the local area. Also a guest comment book online is available.

At the end of each month accounts will be settled and a bank transfer/deposit to your elected bank will be made (usually by 8th of the following month).

This is an independent service and can be requested anytime either the owner is busy.

3. Maintenance charges
These would be borne by the owner. We would arrange any necessary maintenance and would of course request your approval prior to any work being performed and present you with quotes for any such work.

4. Refundable Damage Deposit
Upon arrival guests will be asked to provide a damage deposit as well as a valid credit card number as guarantee for the apartment and its content for any damages caused.
150€ up to 250€ – This is to be received upon arrival. This is returned on departure. If there are any serious breakages you will be informed and we will discuss what is the appropriate amount to be taken from the deposit.

5. Inquirys - How it Works

       – From the owner
To avoid overbookings, the owner should provide his own calendar online of his apartment up to date. Or if thinks necessary send us a pre-booking to save any dates needed. In this case, JUSTOSTAY, will not rent the dates maked unavailable.

Step 1: The reservations will be made exclusively for the dates the apartment is available according with the calendar provided.
Step 2: Please note that the booking is not confirmed until the prepayment is received by the guest;
Step 3: Owner will receive the booking confirmation by email and text message (*optional).
Step 4: The owner should update the online calendar immediately.
Step 5: All contact info – email, phone number, and address – will be automatically exchanged between guest and host after the room is booked.
Step 6: Thereafter, all contacts must be made directly between the owner and host (who will get the same information), except in case of cancellation as referred to in section below.

       – From JUSTOSTAY
In case of any special requests, JUSTOSTAY will send a pre-booking to the owner to ensure availability to the guest. This can last the maximum of 48 hours. Is also to prevent the owner of block/sell the same dates.

6. Cancellation policy

       – From owner
- If the owner wishes to cancel the deal after a reservation is confirmed and sent:
JUSTOSTAY have the right to re lodging the guest in another apartment of similar category or, if no availability for the dates in question, in another apartment of premium and/or a hotel unit.

If necessary, the owner will have to born the balance of this lodging.

       – From guest
In any case, JUSTOSTAY will diligence for receiving the penalty due, which shall be delivered in full to the owner. If JUSTOSTAY is not able to charge, will provide to the owner all the elements relating to the business concerned, if it so requests, in order to act the same as it sees fit;

Cancellation policy and fees depend on notice given and are as follows:
- Notice given with more than 30 days before arrival – Full refund;
- Notice given within 30 days up to 15 days before arrival – liable to pay a penalty of 75%.
- Notice given within 15 days before arrival – no refund and guest have to pay the total amount of  stay.

7. JUSTOSTAY website

- All the apartment descriptions and information apply to the published apartments. Whilst JUSTOSTAY will do everything in its power to make sure that the details are correct and as accurate as possible, JUSTOSTAY will assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may occur.

- JUSTOSTAY also reserves the right to change the published information on the website at any time including prices, descriptions, and photos. – JUSTOSTAY reserves the right to update any of these Terms and Conditions at any time if it is deemed necessary, and in the interest of the company.
- The Owner, authorizes JUSTOSTAY to publicize and disseminate the apartment in associated promotional costs, that think is needed to promote and advertise the properties, directly or through its partner-manager if that prove more effective, subject to this power owner can develop similar measures at the same time, at its discretion, particularly in common sites. That means that JUSTOSTAY will bear all costs that think necessary for advertising with no extra cost to the owner.

- The Owner authorizes JUSTOSTAY to use the given contents and to pass them on to third parties with the aim of promoting the lodging.

- Users are responsible for reading the Terms and Conditions outlined on this page. Accepting the use of this website immediately implies that they have accepted any changes that may be made by any third party, and that the third party commits to complying with these changes.

- We cannot guarantee bookings for every week of the year however we will perform plenty of marketing initiatives to create a lot of interest, which hopefully converts to business!

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