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How do I know if a place is available?
The best way is to ask. If you submit a reservation request and the host is not available, the balance will be refunded within 48 hours.

How do I pay?
The guest pays Justostay reservation fee by credit card using PayPal system. The upon balance must be paid in cash upon arrival. Please be aware that all the expenses related with international transfers are supported by you.

How do I get to a host’s house?
You should discuss this with the host after the reservation request is accepted.

Why is my price at checkout different than the price shown in search results?
From the search results page, you’ll see the lowest nightly rate of a listing. This is the price set by the host. Once your reservation details have been entered, the pricing will be adjusted based on a variety of factors including: holidays, number of guests, length of stay and/or cleaning fees. To be sure that you are receiving the most accurate information enter your exact travel dates once you do a request.

How many people can a listing accommodate?
It is important to plan accordingly and ensure that the listing is a good choice. This maens making sure that the property can accommodate your entire party. Many owners have limits and fees regarding additional guests, so please pay attention to the listing details, also confirm with JUSTOSTAY prior to booking in regards to the sleeping arrangements.

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